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Martus Reseller (VAR)
  • Close more deals with a complete solution for your customers
  • Add recurring revenue to your bottom line
  • Offer enhanced tech support
Client Accounting Services
  • Include Martus in your service and save valuable resources
  • Improve competitiveness
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
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  • TURNKEY customer solution
  • ENHANCE your software offering
  • INCREASE the value of sales to your customers
  • INCREASE your bottom line with recurring revenue
  • INCREASE customer satisfaction

Robust budgeting
& planning

Engage leadership in the planning process quickly and easily with our pre-built planning templates. You no longer need to share and keep track of revisions to Excel files. Think of the time you will save!


Bottom-Up Budgeting

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Martus users can be different from your accounting system users to include those on your team who don’t have access to your accounting system.

Real-Time Data

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Accurate information to help you analyze budgets as they are being built.


Personnel Budgeting

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Multiple forms of compensation plus allocations.


Forecasting & What-If Analysis

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Create multi-year forecast with side by side comparisons.

Powerful Reporting
& Dashboards

View graphical presentations of performance versus budget and prior year plus average weekly giving and more. Choose between multiple report templates that provide users control of row and column contents plus drill down to the transaction detail level. All of this is immediately available within minutes after connecting to your accounting system and tailored to your
financial structure.


Pre-Built Reporting

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Save time creating reports with our built-in templates.


Controlled Access

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Grant user-level permissions to your data depending on the need.


Get the Details

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Each report offers the ability to drill down into the transactional level.


Flexible Reporting

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Tailor each view for your specific performance data.

Years of experience helping organizations of all types

Years as a Sage Intacct Marketplace Partner

Happy users from around the globe

Connections with Sage Intacct

What our Vars Say

Executive Director of Finance

“Giuntabell has implemented the accounting system Sage Intacct for many customers over the past two years. During this time, we identified a need for a fully integrated Budget and Planning System, which led us to partner with Martus as this budget and planning tool was made for not-for-profit and charity organizations, and it seamlessly integrates with Sage Intacct. Giuntabell has been working with Martus for over 12 months, and it has been a pleasure to partner with them. We have found Martus to be very responsive and keen to assist us in achieving the best outcome for our customers. The implementation of Martus with Sage Intacct is very straightforward once Sage Intacct is set up correctly. The feedback from our customers is very positive, and they find the Martus Budget & Planning system easy to use.”

Nunzio Giunta

Executive Director of Finance

“We chose to work with Martus Solutions because of the quality of their software, their deep integration with Sage Intacct, and their positive reputation in the Sage Intacct ecosystem. Martus is an excellent fit for our non-profit client base and is almost completely plug and play with Sage Intacct making it quick to implement and easy to use.”

Casey Calame
Account Executive, Express Information Systems

Executive Director of Finance

“Our partnership with Martus enables us to offer a competitively priced, feature-rich budgeting and planning solution to our clients. Our clients are consistently pleased with the clean interface, ease of use, and depth of information they get in Martus from Sage Intacct. Their support team members are product experts and are very responsive. We always look forward to offering Martus to our clients with budgeting and planning needs.”

Jim Norton
Senior Manager, Accounting Technology Service, GRF CPA’s & Advisors

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