Success Stories

“Martus has revolutionized the way our staff looks at budgets and the way they can view those budgets and costs on a daily basis. This was the first year we used the budgeting tools. It allowed the staff to become intimately involved in the budget-writing process in a way we were not previously able to accomplish.”

On top of that, with Martus synching every day with Intacct it allows the staff to keep in touch with income and spending on a daily basis. No longer are they waiting on me to provide reports to them about their ministries. With Martus Tools they are informed daily with their ability to see the same reports I can see. Plus, with the permissions inside of Martus Tools, we were able to give different levels of access to different staff members. In sum, MartusTools has made us a better staff. Our budgets are more accurate now and our monthly reconciliation of those budgets is also more accurate and at the same much faster as a process. Finally, MartusTools is cost effective. I would say confidently that it is well worth the cost. One more thing, MartusTools™ is so powerful and easy to use I have started using it for all financial meetings. I simply project MartusTools™ on a screen and walk the group I am meeting with through any report they would need to review. From financials, to budgets, to bank balances it is all right there at my fingertips. I couldn’t be more pleased with Martus!

“MartusTools transformed our budget process. The input was easy and their tools provided analysis and tracking capabilities we did not previously have. The absolute best part of the implementation was the outstanding customer support.”

Some of the features I like about MartusTools are:

  • Special purpose worksheets provide justification for assumptions and an
    audit trail
  • Easy access to year to date totals and ability to copy actuals or budget to the new budget year
  • Ability to monitor completion of budget by various budget holders
  • Real time data to analyze as budgets are being developed
  • Knowledgeable and attentive client service representatives

“Martus is the most intuitive and easy-to-use budget software I have ever used”.

The interactive features are very effective and have significantly reduced our time spent compiling, editing, loading, and completing our annual budget process for 7 campuses. The financial reporting and dashboards also provide no-hassle results that are very flexible and polished. I highly recommend this product and the Martus support team.

“MartusTools is a practical and highly cost-effective solution for financial planning, analysis, budgeting and forecasting in organizations of all sizes, types and complexities. Its simple integration with Sage Intacct makes the tool very powerful. In addition, non-finance leaders within our organization acclimated easily to using the tool effectively.”

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