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Get more done in less time with our simple and affordable cloud-based software called Martus.

Budget Software That Makes It Easy For Schools

Budget Faster

Budget Faster

Budget worksheets built in the cloud to alleviate the email attachment headaches that come with spreadsheets.

Report Easier

Report Easier

Monitor your conformance with budgets in real time and drill down to transactional level details.

Collaborate Better

Collaborate Better

Empower leadership and your team to be in the know without paper reports.


Build Driver-Based Tuition Models

Now you can update tuition models with a single variable without having to change multiple worksheets or create broken references. Want to build driver-based models using grade level, tuition rates, or enrollment without extra spreadsheets? No problem. Take a look at the video walkthrough to see how Martus can help.

  • Update Tuition Models with a single variable
  • Measure budget vs actuals
  • Build driver-based models using grade level, tuition rates, or enrollment without extra spreadsheets.
  • Collaborate with all budget participants and no excel spreadsheets
  • Implement in minutes, not months.
Start budgeting in minutes, not months

Seamless Accounting Integrations


Robust Budgeting & Forecasting

Engage leadership in the planning process quickly and easily with our pre-built planning templates. Sharing Excel files and keeping track of the revisions can be a lot to manage.

  • Bottom Up Budgeting
  • Real-Time Data
  • Personnel Budgeting
  • What-If Analysis


Powerful Reporting & Dashboards

View graphical presentations of performance versus budget and prior year plus average weekly giving and more. Choose between multiple report templates that provide users control of row and column contents plus drill down to the transaction detail level. All of this is immediately available within minutes after connecting to your accounting system and tailored to your financial structure.

  • Pre-Built Reporting
  • Controlled Access
  • Get The Details
  • Flexible Reporting

100% Cloud-Based

Ditch the spreadsheets & attachments with total access to your budgets.

Real-time Data Sync

Accurate information at all times giving you instant intelligence.

Faster Workflows

Streamline your process with prebuilt reporting & dashboards.

Customer Support

Get help with our telephone, email, & knowledge-base support.

No Assembly Required!

Quick implementation with your existing accounting system.

Team Management

User-level permissions to help you collaborate with your team.

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The positive result of moving to Martus has been twofold – a significant reduction in errors and shortening the time it takes to complete the budget cycle. The Martus Special Purpose Worksheet has allowed my school clients to improve accuracy and shorten planning cycles. At one charter school we built a model to calculate FTE projections by detailing enrollment by grade. Now when enrollment projections change during the budgeting cycle we can quickly and accurately recalculate the projection for FTEs. We can even plan at the ESE or non-ESE student level which can have a significant impact on the bottom line.
-Jennifer Glassmoyer
Kerkering, Barberio & Co.
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